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Important Information and Details

Prepare for Our Visit

The most important thing you can do to prepare for our visit is have a clear definition of what you would like us to remove. That said, if you change your mind and want to send a few additional items, we are more than happy to help!

Something to consider is consent from all relevant decision makers. Have a clear conversation to ensure everyone is on the same page. Any time spent onsite doing a presort/check will help contribute to a smoother removal process. Once it’s gone we can’t guarantee we can get it back. Think there might be important documents you’d like to keep? Try and dig them out so we can focus on removing the items to go.

Remove obstructions from the working path (items on stairs, snow/ice, etc). Group all items to be removed, remove items to be kept (to avoid confusion). If possible, box/bag up items for donation (like plates/silverware) or recyclables (cans, paint, etc). If material is in a massive heap, this is not required. Placing sticky notes on items to go is a good indicator.

Pricing Chart

Our pricing structure is a $70 flat rate per load, plus 22 cents per pound. We are happy to give competitive quotes for large collections of construction debris or other dense materials.

Real Estate Transactions

If you’re moving, why move items for which you have no further use? Before you list, go through EVERYTHING you have, do a proper organization and ELIMINATE extraneous belongings. It’ll feel really great, your house will show better in viewings and your transition will be smoother and more enjoyable.


Are you a landlord whose tenant has completely dropped out of contact? No response and your rental unit is still full of their belongings? This is a challenging situation, but does happen from time to time. We can help clear the way so you can move forward and ensure your investment continues to generate income.


If you’re downsizing from your long-time family home into a condominium or smaller house, you won’t be able to take everything. Before and after the move, we can simplify the picture and enable an easier move. Give Alchemy Junk a call: we’ll make the process of letting go much easier.


Westerners accumulate a great deal of possessions over a lifetime. If you’re charged with emptying a loved one’s home, it can be extremely daunting. Typical estates range from 5000-15000 lbs of material. That’s where we can be of incredible service! Have us through for a free consultation and we’ll get the ball rolling. This way, you can focus on business affairs, the grieving process and connecting with your friends and family during this challenging time of transition.

Items of Considerable Value

On occasion, we come across an item of considerable financial value that is no longer desired. Alchemy Junk is open to offsetting removal costs for these special items. That said, the value of second hand items is less than you might think. We can have the discussion as it unfolds.

Mixed Construction

Are you doing a renovation and have a pile of torn out construction material? Have a shed or depreciation you need torn down? No problem. We can help remove massive piles of mixed construction debris quite quickly. If there’s a large amount of uniform material, that is extremely easy to access, we can talk about a break on pricing as well.


Compulsive hoarding, also known as hoarding disorder, is a pattern of behaviour that is characterized by excessive acquisition and an inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment. It is very difficult to estimate how many people have problems with hoarding as hoarders usually keep their hoarding secret. Hoarding occurs in 2-5% of the population (Samuels, 2008). In Canada that puts the number of hoarders between 700,000 and 1.7 million.

Hoarding disorder affects emotions, thoughts and behaviour. Signs and symptoms may include:

  • Persistent inability to part with any possession, regardless of its value
  • Excessive attachment to possessions, including discomfort letting others touch or borrow them or distress at the idea of letting an item go
  • Cluttered living spaces, making areas of the home unusable for the intended purpose, such as not being able to cook in the kitchen or use the bathroom to bathe
  • Keeping stacks of newspapers, magazines or junk mail
  • Letting food or trash build up to unusually excessive, unsanitary levels
  • Acquiring unneeded or seemingly useless items, such as trash or napkins from a restaurant
  • Difficulty managing daily activities because of procrastination and trouble making decisions
  • Moving items from one pile to another, without discarding anything
  • Difficulty organizing items, sometimes losing important items in the clutter
  • Shame or embarrassment
  • Limited or no social interactions

Hoarding Complications

  • Unsanitary conditions that pose a risk to health
  • Increased risk of falls
  • Injury or being trapped by shifting or falling items
  • A fire hazard
  • An inability to perform daily tasks, such as bathing or cooking
  • Poor work performance
  • Family conflicts
  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • Financial problems
  • Shame or embarrassment
  • Legal issues, including eviction

If you or someone you love suffers from this legitimate mental illness (to any degree), please reach out and allow us to offer support and resources to help you through the purging process.

Health and Safety

Alchemy Junk greatly values the health & safety of our employees. Education and training is an ongoing effort that better equips our people to deal with a wide variety of situations. Everyone on our team understands that safety is up to all of us. So if we identify a potentially hazardous situation, we stop, have a discussion and reduce risk to an acceptable level. We come equipped with the safety equipment to get the job done right.


We've been in the junk removal business for 7+ years! Over time, we’ve pushed forward to offer our clients a more thorough, legitimate, service offering. We have proper commercial liability & automotive coverage, have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating/accreditation and have WSIB coverage for our whole crew (feel free to reach out for a clearance certificate). We have the go ahead to tackle minor demolition projects and can effectively handle your site cleanup (under a variety of situations). Check out our Google reviews for additional support & testimonials!