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Yard Waste Removal

Yard waste is one of the easiest types of waste to find yourself stuck with because it accumulates naturally and quickly. Whether it’s bags of grass in the spring, leaves in the autumn, or tree limbs after a summer storm, it isn't always easy to get rid of yard waste on your own. Many ordinary waste management services have complicated rules when it comes to yard waste, but not Alchemy Junk. Our residential junk removal services make it easy to dispose of both inorganic and organic waste.

Professional Yard Waste Disposal in London, Ontario

We’ve been serving the people of London for a decade, proudly practicing sustainable techniques to remove waste in a way that minimizes environmental harm. We do not simply burn yard waste, for example, but coordinate with local composting facilities to ensure that whatever may be of use to the environment will not go to waste.

For more information about our yard waste removal services or to schedule your yard waste removal, contact the team at Alchemy Junk today.

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