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Wall Unit Removal

One of the most imposing pieces of furniture in a typical home is the wall unit. A structure large enough to hold a television and several shelves worth of belongings is not something that is easy to move, even after having been emptied. Don’t risk damaging your drywall or straining your back if you don’t have to! The friendly pros at Alchemy Junk will take care of your old wall unit so you can get back to redecorating your living room.

Professional Wall Unit Removal in London Ontario

We’re committed to meeting all your residential junk removal needs in a fast, friendly, and professional manner. Since 2009, we’ve faithfully served homeowners in London, Ontario, providing sustainable recycling and trash disposal all the while. When it comes to removing junk no job (or piece of furniture) is too big. We’re happy to take your wall unit off your hands and will do our utmost to ensure it is disposed of in a proper and responsible manner. Give us a call to learn more about the waste removal we practice at Alchemy Junk.

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