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Treadmill Pickup and Removal

If you have ever attempted to move a treadmill all by yourself, you know that in doing so you’ll work up a sweat before the machine is even plugged in. Other hazards, such as flights of stairs or long distances can make it even more difficult to accomplish. Indeed, this particular kind of heavy lifting is often best left to professionals. At Alchemy Junk, we’re proud to provide superior residential junk removal every day, so the solution to the problem posed by your old treadmill is just a phone call away.

Professional Treadmill Removal in London Ontario

Because of our commitment to sustainability, we often collect old exercise equipment and dispose of it in an ecologically friendly way. Here at Alchemy Junk, we go the extra mile to recycle by partnering with local facilities. We work to haul away your old treadmill and salvage what we can so that you can get back to the kind of exercise you want to be doing.

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