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Television Removal Services

Old TV sets have something in common with the first models of cell phones. They’re usually oversized, bulky, and get very poor reception compared to some of the newer models. Their size also makes them quite difficult to get rid of. Sure, you can push off this task for a while by putting that old TV set in the den or in the guest room. You can also try to talk your neighbour into taking it off your hands; they could use a second TV set in their den, right? Of course, you do have the option of trying to sell your old TV, but many people don’t want them.

Upgrades to DVD players and modern digital technology have turned your old TV set into a dinosaur. It’s also likely that you don’t have any clue how to just throw it away. Some of the components are probably hazardous and not something you can just take to the dump.

Professional Removal and Disposal of TV’s in London, Ontario

If you’ve run out of ideas about what to do with your old television set, then why not contact us? Our residential junk removal service in London Ontario provides professional and reliable pickup, removal and disposal of your old televisions. Contact the Alchemy Junk team today to learn more.

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