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Sod Pickup and Removal

If you wish to transform part of your yard into a garden bed or begin to lay the foundation for a pool, you are sure to encounter a certain amount of sod waste. Taking care of such waste on your own can be messy work, because tangled in the grass you are likely to find a great deal of mud, weeds, and even insects. If you were hoping to enjoy the pleasures of gardening, or lounging poolside for that matter, this type of work may be best left to the pros.

Professional Sod Removal in London Ontario

Here at Alchemy Junk, we pride ourselves on our swift and friendly service. We’re happy to remove whatever sod waste you indicate to us in a way that takes the stress off of your shoulders. Moreover, our sustainable philosophy compels us to make sure that the waste we collect is disposed of responsibly. Sod is often useful as a component in fertilizer or as a soil conditioner. Please give us a call today to learn more about our residential junk removal services or to receive a free estimate.

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