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Pallet Disposal

Pallets of old or unwanted goods can be very difficult to manoeuvre. Indeed, the weight of the wooden pallet alone can be hard to manage without the added weight of the materials on top. Without the right tools, moving a pallet by yourself can result in bodily harm and mental stress. One phone call to the professionals at Alchemy Junk can solve this problem.

Professional Pallet Removal in London, Ontario

We have been providing superior residential junk removal to the citizens of London for years. Pallet removal is a type of job that we do all the time, so we have all the right tools to make sure it is done safely and effectively. Moreover, our commitment to sustainability drives us to make sure that your pallet and its contents will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion. We go the extra mile to recycle whatever we can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about our business or to receive a free estimate for a job.

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