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Mattress Disposal Services

Getting rid of an old mattress and box springs can be tricky. Both the mattress and the box spring are heavy and awkward items to try and carry on your own and often requires a helping hand. The flimsy mattress wobbles and changes shape so often, it starts to feel like you’re wrestling with an octopus covered with a sheet.

The other issue is that many recycling / second-hand centres don’t take mattresses, due to health concerns and cross-contamination. It is not recommended that you donate old mattresses to charities or to family and friends, for the same reason. Aside from all of this, you may not have the proper equipment to move big items such as mattresses and box springs, nor the adequate workforce to easily move unwanted bed items.

Professional Bed and Mattress Pick Up and Disposal Services in London, ON

It’s times like these that we suggest you leave it to us. If you have an old mattress, box spring, old cushions gel or foam mattress that needs to be moved, give the team of junk removal experts a call at Alchemy Junk for information about our residential junk removal services, and a detailed quote for mattress disposal services.

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