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Hot Water Tank Removal and Disposal

A hot water tank is one of the largest pieces of metal commonly found in households. Getting one installed is rarely something you would do on your own, so getting rid of an old one should be no different. The weight and shape of a cylindrical water shape makes the job difficult and potentially dangerous, not to mention the fact that many tanks are located in difficult-to-access nooks of the house. Enlisting the professionals at Alchemy Junk may be the best option for getting rid of an old water heater.

Professional Tank Removal in London, Ontario

We’ve been serving the people of London for a decade, now, and we’ve removed our fair share of water tanks. Our friendly and prompt teams work hard to ensure that you won’t have to worry about disposing of an old water heater and can simply focus on finding a new one. Additionally, we practice sustainability, so you can take comfort in the fact that we will work to recycle an old metal tanks and find new uses for them. Please contact us at Alchemy Junk for more information about our residential junk removal services or to get a free estimate.

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