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Hot Tub Removal Services

So, just how does one go about getting rid of an old hot tub in London, Ontario, anyway? They are much bigger than a fridge or freezer, and much more difficult to get out of the door. Hot tubs and Jacuzzi’s are bulkier and harder to carry due to their size and shape. Aside from that, they are quite heavier than any other item you may have in your home and should not be moved by one individual. you have ever tried to lift on your own. Even with the help of friends or family, hot tubs are difficult to get off the ground and put into a truck of truck bed.

Professional Pick Up, Removal and Disposal of Hot Tubs in London, ON

For professional pick up, removal and recycling of hot tubs and Jacuzzi’s, contact the residential junk removal professionals at Alchemy Junk. We have everything you need to move that old hot tub, hot tub parts or home sauna equipment off your property and dispose of it properly. Contact Alchemy Junk today to learn more about our junk removal services and schedule your hot tub pickup today.

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