Glass Removal Services

Have you ever noticed that it’s hard to give up that collection of glass you have sitting in the garage or shed? Maybe your spouse talked in the past about canning some veggies and went out and bought the jars for the job. Do you still have the boxes of jars and no canned vegetables? Perhaps that’s not it at all. Maybe you have saved a bunch of different bottles with the intention of recycling them. You still want to do that, but now you have so many that you know your car isn’t big enough to carry them. The other issue, of course, is the fact that glass if improperly handled tends to break. Who wants to deal with that mess; probably not you.

Professional Glass Disposal Services in London, Ontario

So, just what can you do with all that old glass then? You could call us. Our residential junk removal service makes it easy for London homeowners to easily and efficiently remove unwanted glass items. Get in touch with the team at Alchemy Junk today to learn more.

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