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Garbage Removal

Has an unbearable amount of garbage begun to pile up or are you right amid a basement purge and clean out? Is your garbage pickup day too far away to leave it as it is? Let Alchemy Junk rid you of your trash pile up with our garbage removal service as part of our professional junk removal services for homes and businesses in and around London, Ontario.

Garbage Removal Services in London, ON

At Alchemy Junk, we know firsthand just how quickly a cleanup session can begin – if you’re in the mood. If you're in the middle of cleaning out your home, garage, shed or business, you’ll quickly find yourself facing a pile of garbage. As great of a feeling as it might be to be clearing out the trash finally, the garbage you may be removing might also hider further cleaning progression.

Let Alchemy Junk clean away unwanted garbage that may be too large to simply leave at the end of the driveway. Whether it be garbage piling up in the garage, garbage collection from a recent renovation project or trash from your office or business space, we can help clear out your haul – no matter what size. That way you can continue your clean up without cause for concern as to where the trash will go.

Commonly Removed Items

As part of our garbage removal service, our team will gladly remove trash items such as:

  • Residential or commercial trash
  • Bagged trash
  • Wet or damaged items from a flood or fire
  • Large-items & bulk items

Garbage Removal & Disposal Pricing

Depending on the specific garbage items you would like removed, and the quantity of trash being removed, the cost of garbage removal can range anywhere from $90 to 500. Please feel free to get in touch with the team at Alchemy Junk for a more accurate estimate of your garbage removal needs.

At Alchemy Junk, we are proud to provide Londoners with expert junk removal services including large-scale and even small-scale garbage removal. Let us help you through your cleaning overhead and contact our dedicated staff to remove unwanted garbage and items from your home or business.

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