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Electronics Disposal

In the tech age, most electronics become outdated in a matter of a few short years at most. If they’re very cool items and in pretty good shape, then they become hand-me-down gifts to younger siblings or a nice donation to charity. If they’re not too old, you also have the option of selling them for some cash on the internet.

How do you properly remove and dispose of electronics and e-waste? Unfortunately, in most cases they cannot be disposed of in a landfill because some of them have parts that are considered hazardous materials. If you have quite a few electronics to be removed and disposed of, then moving them anywhere can be an issue.

Electrical and E-Waste Items We Remove:

  • Cell phones, tablets and small hand-held electronics
  • Audio equipment such as CD players, radio systems and turntables
  • Fax machines and printers
  • VCR’s

Professional Removal and Disposal of Electronics

If you’re grappling with this residential junk removal problem, why not give us a call? Taking old electronics off your hands is one of our specialities. We have the equipment, resources and professional team of junk removal specialists to properly remove unwanted electronics. Get in touch with the Alchemy Junk team today for more information, or to get your free quote.

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