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Computers and Laptop Disposal

If you’ve recently replaced or upgraded your computer or laptop, you may be unsure what to do or how to dispose of your old one. You would be wise to feel that way, because simply throwing an old desktop, laptop, or notebook into the garbage can have negative consequences. For one, the chemicals and electronic circuitry on the interior will harm the environment. For another, personal information may still be accessible to anyone who should discover your old computer. Allowing the professionals at Alchemy Junk to recycle your old technology solves both problems.

Professional Disposal of Computers, Laptops, and Notebooks in London, Ontario

Alchemy Junk has provided residential junk removal for years, helping London residents recycle their old computers. We work with recycling facilities to ensure that the potentially harmful effects of old technology are neutralized, and the sensitive information destroyed. Upgrading to a new computer should be an enjoyable experience, and, with the help of Alchemy Junk, it can be.

For more information about our sustainable junk removal services, or to learn more about our computer or laptop disposal services, contact Alchemy Junk today.

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