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Bicycle Removal Services

Learning to ride a bike is such a rite of passage that it’s hard for parents to let their child’s bike go once their kid outgrows it - maybe that’s you. Or, perhaps it’s not your children’s bikes you need to get rid of but one of your own. These treasures can be candidates for the neighbourhood second-hand store, can be useful gifts to give to a kids’ charity or they can be sold.

Professional Bike Pick Up, Removal and Recycling in London, ON

If these options are not ideal, consider the professional bicycle removal services from Alchemy Junk. We can help you get rid of old bikes, whether it be adult bikes or kid’s bikes with minimal hassle. We’ll promptly pick up, remove and in most cases, recycle old and unwanted bikes in and around London, ON.

Get in touch with Alchemy Junk today to learn more about our residential junk removal services and schedule a bike pickup today.

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