Garage Cleanup Service

Tackling a garage cleanup can seem daunting if you do not have a plan of how to properly remove your unwanted items and junk. Making trips back and forth to the dump can be time-consuming and expensive. You may not even be allowed to dispose of some unwanted items at public dumps. This is why a professional residential junk removal company like Alchemy Junk can make your garage clean up so much easier.

Professional Garage Junk Removal Service

At Alchemy Junk, we pride ourselves on being the trusted junk removal service that homeowners in the London, Ontario area turn to when they are cleaning out their garage. You may have years or decades of junk to get out of your home storage, and relying on competent waste removal professionals can save you a serious headache. Get organized, save time and reclaim your space with the help of our experienced team at Alchemy Junk.

Commonly Removed Garage Junk Items

  • Trash
  • Home renovation materials
  • Drywall
  • Old paint
  • Insulation
  • Exercise equipment
  • Papers
  • Old furniture
  • Automotive items
  • Wood, concrete and cardboard

Garage Cleanout Pricing

Garage cleanout pricing can vary depending on the specific items and quantity of items being removed from a garage. For an accurate estimate of garage cleanout services, please contact the team at Alchemy Junk today.

If you are planning to clear out your garage or home storage, call the junk removal specialists at Alchemy Junk. We will provide you with a free estimate and can accommodate service appointments around your busy schedule.

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