Flood Cleanup Service

Floods can be dangerous and devastating in terms of the destruction that they leave in their wake. Even when your home or business is only damaged with a small amount of water, its aftermath can have a serious long-term impact. At Alchemy Junk, we understand that getting rid of junk, debris and waste after a major flood is vitally important because it can allow mould to form and contribute to respiratory illnesses. Do not make the mistake of trying to remove heavy, dangerous waste after a flood because you can be injured while collecting and attempting to dispose of water-damaged materials.

Professional Flood Junk Removal Service

Professional residential junk removal can make all the difference in cleaning up after a flood. Do not delay your reconstruction and rebuilding process by trying to take care of the heavy-lifting and removal of waste and damaged materials on your own. The professional junk removal service provided by Alchemy Junk can eliminate the risk of injury and get your property cleared out sooner than if you attempted to take care of it on your own.

Commonly Removed Items After a Flood

  • Fallen branches and trees
  • Water-logged carpets and drapes
  • Mouldy or mildewed materials
  • Damaged furniture

Rely on professional junk removal from Alchemy Junk to take care of all your flood cleanup needs. Contact us today for a free, reliable estimate on clearing out waste after a flood.

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