Fence Removal

One of the most commonly removed backyard objects in Canada and around the world is fencing. Why? For one, they’re exposed to the elements. Fences take damage from heavy rain, snow, and wind. Because of their length, fences are more likely to be hurt by falling tree branches than many other outdoor items. Also, fences exist to protect the yard and can be damaged by lawn mowers, pets, and wild animals. When it comes time to replace an old or damaged fence, the project can be streamlined by calling Alchemy Junk.

Professional Fence Removal in London, Ontario

Alchemy Junk is a local business committed to providing junk removal services to the people of London. Our sustainable business practices also mean that we specialize in landfill diversion, partnering with local recyclers to decrease the environmental impact of waste disposal. In terms of fencing, this means we’re happy to collect all or part of an unwanted fence and will do our utmost to make sure that the materials are reused. One call to Alchemy Junk may very well solve all your waste removal needs.

Commonly Removed Fences Items

Fences come in varying shapes and sizes, of course, and they are made from a variety of materials. A few typical fences are:

  • Wooden picket fences
  • Metal wire fences
  • Plastic fences
  • Wooden rail fences
  • Metal grated fences

Don’t hesitate to give us a call to learn more about our residential junk removal services or to receive a free estimate.

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