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Crawl Space Cleanouts

In many homes without basements, crawlspaces serve a variety of functions. Crawlspaces facilitate air circulation through the house and allow easy access to plumbing and electrical fixtures. Many homeowners use crawlspaces for storage as well. Once items have been placed in a crawlspace, however, it can be difficult to get them out again. The limited mobility imposed by the confines of a crawlspace can be a major inconvenience, especially when combined with increased exposure to dirt and condensation. Calling a professional residential junk removal service like Alchemy Junk poses a neat solution to the problem.

Professional Crawl Space Cleaners

The hardworking professionals at Alchemy Junk are here to make your life easier. We’ve cleaned crawlspaces in and around London Ontario since the 2000s, providing speedy and reliable service to our clientele. We don’t mind getting down on our hands and knees to remove whatever you wish from your crawlspace and, once we have, we also take care of disposal. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that this disposal process includes recycling and repurposing whenever possible, with our goal being a stress-free experience for our clients. Here at Alchemy Junk, we crawl so you don’t have to.

Commonly Removed Items from Crawlspaces

Because of the confines of most crawlspaces, the objects we remove typically aren’t enormous. They may, however, be dirty, mouldy, or difficult to maneuver on your own. Some examples include:

  • Holiday Decorations
  • Moving Boxes
  • Books and Magazines
  • Appliances
  • Clothing
  • Paperwork

Crawl Space Cleanout Pricing

Pricing for crawl space clear-outs may vary depending on the type and quantity of items being removed. For more information about our crawlspace junk removal services, contact Alchemy Junk today.

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