ATM Removal

Businesses that are moving, shuttering, or updating their automatic teller machines must find a way to dispose of their old ones. Though this problem may sound simple, the process is a sensitive one. Not only are there several electronic components within ATMs that can prove hazardous to the environment, the machines often contain banking information that can be accessed by unscrupulous individuals. Both reasons strongly suggest recruiting a commercial junk removal service is preferable to attempting to solve the problem yourself. Alchemy Junk is here to provide that service.

Professional ATM Removal

We have helped the businesses of London Ontario since 2009 with ATM disposal. Because we pride ourselves on our sustainable approach to waste removal, we do what is necessary to mitigate the negative effect an old ATM can have on the environment. We work hard to separate the various components of these instruments to recycle them responsibly. We will also ensure that the sensitive information stored within your old ATM will be destroyed.

Commonly Collected ATMs

Automatic teller machines have sprung up in a variety of places. The following list represents some of the most common locations.

  • Banks
  • Gas Stations
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Grocery Stores

ATM Removal Pricing

For more information about ATM removal services and specific pricing details, please get in touch with the team at Alchemy Junk today.

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