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Justin Bardawill | Proprietor

Alchemy Junk Founder & Proprietor Justin Bardawill

London native, Western graduate (B.A. Psychology, 2005) - loves this city! Justin recognized a need for responsible resource direction whilst restoring a Victorian home (circa 1868) for his mother. With a respect for the real costs of production, the founder of Alchemy Junk created a business vehicle that would enable sustainable improvements in the field of waste management. Justin enjoys hosting (& DJing) electronic music events, reading, fine foods, craft beer and travel.


Alchemy Junk a local, independent business established in January of 2009. In our 8th year of business, we’ve moved literally millions of pounds of London’s junk. Paramount to our success is the intention and work commitment to minimizing waste going to landfill. We are a sustainable junk removal contractor.

You’ve likely seen us around but didn’t know it. We’ve also changed our name several times, just to keep from gaining too much popularity. We’ve been called Alchemy Junk Service, Alchemy Recycle & Trade Co., Alchemy Operation, Alchemy Sustainable Junk Removal and currently, Alchemy Junk. You’ve seen us at trade shows, in Victoria Park (in our geodesic dome), cruising around in our sweet rides, moving trees for Reforest London, helping out grassroots organizations and renovating our home office on William Street.

Mission Statement

The mission of Alchemy Junk is to provide professional, friendly service to our customers while educating our community about sustainable waste management practice. We are pioneers in sustainable junk removal, minimizing waste directed to landfill. Alchemy Junk continually moves towards greater transparency and are accountable for our actions. We deliver unmatched value to our customers through our service experience and core value expression.


  1. A medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life
  2. A power or process of transforming something common into something special.
  3. An inexplicable or mysterious transmuting

Our Logo

Logo for Alchemy Junk in London, ON

We apply this perspective to every item we are asked to remove from your home or business. When we look at base materials (unwanted junk), we attempt to dust them off and put them in the hands of someone who has a use for said materials. Thus creating a renewed, perception of value along with extending its life cycle. As a symbol we employ the Ouroboros. As is plain, it is a serpent/dragon eating its own tail: representative of infinity, death and renewal. We enact a transformational process; shifting ownership cycles, mindsets and transmuting materials as represented in this ancient, alchemical symbol.

Environmental Policy

The real difference between us and other junk removal options is the time and labour we put into sorting and responsibly directing material. We have approximately 15 different streams we separate material into, with the end goal of extending life cycles & extracting maximum value. While we recognize that not everything we do is sustainable, we keep these values front of mind. We break your invoice into these different material streams and detail the weight breakdown of each category. This allows us to calculate valuable metrics that support our green flag waiving.

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